How To Accomplish Things You Want: Kshitij Raj Lohani

On 28th Dec 2017, an interaction program was held at Spiralogics where we invited Mr. Khsitij Raj Lohani to share his experience and motivational stories with our team.

Mr. Kshitij Raj Lohani is a software engineer based in the U.S and is currently working at Goldman Sachs. He graduated from Northeastern University, one of the top American Colleges. His accomplishments include winning the ‘National Youth Award’ from Government of Nepal, making national record in memorizing 125 random words on listening to them for once, world record holder in fastest time to recite all Academy Awards Best Pictures and their winning years in random order, fastest time to recite the elements of the periodic table and their atomic numbers in random order and fastest time to recite the names all US Presidents and their ordinal numbers in random order. Similarly, one of the biggest accomplishment he has achieved for the nation was his project in April 2014 which took 17 months to complete. The project was titled “Krinjal Space”. Under this project, he sent Nepali national flag to 80,000 feet above in the space and played the national anthem.

Mr. Kshitij started the session by sharing how he was as a child and stories of his experience growing up. During the interaction, he explained about the various factor like how to deal with the things that occur in our daily life. He said that ‘whatever I have accomplished, I don’t consider it as my achievements. If I had to, I would like to call it my accomplishments instead’. He also likes to rate himself below average and feels that this is the reason he’s been able to accomplish the things he has, so far.

He also shared some ‘tips’ on how anyone can accomplish things they want. Some of these include:

  1. Don’t run after things which have a high scope. The chances are there is already high competition there. Go where there isn’t much scope and excel in that area instead.
  2. Create your own opportunities.
  3. You don’t need to be the best, just be different.
  4. Sometimes, focusing on the negative is more fruitful than focusing on the positive.
  5. Find excitement in the small things.
  6. Act your exact age – neither older, nor younger. For this, you can make a list of things a person at your age normally does and try to do that.

Mr. Kshitij is in Nepal for a short period and will be returning back to America in the first week of January. Spiralogics Family would like to thank Mr. Kshitij for taking out the time from his tight schedule and inspiring us with his ‘unconventionally’ motivating stories. You can check more pictures from the session on our Facebook page.