Workshop on ‘Programmer’s Journey from Syntax to Solution’ in Hetauda School of Management

Spiralogics with its subsidiary company Spiralogics Institute of Technology has taken various initiatives and conducted activities such as Empowering Youth in Technology, Agile Methodology workshops and Spirathon (a 2-day appathon) which not only benefit the technology sector but the society as well. While growing as a company, Spiralogics has been able to create a special relationship and mutual understanding with various IT colleges. This year alone, we signed an MOU with four big IT colleges: KEC, NCE, KCC and Apex College.

Over the last 15 years of hiring freshers, we have realized that most of them are highly knowledgeable but lack proper preparation to transition into a software career. The one thing we always saw was the gap in academia and industry.

As part of the Youth Empowerment initiative, a one-day workshop titled ‘A programmer’s journey from Syntax to Solutions’ was conducted on Sunday, 10th December. This workshop is an effort to help bridge the gap between academia and industry. With the intention of not only focusing on the educational sector inside Kathmandu, this workshop was held in Hetauda. The participants were the final year BIM students of the Hetauda School of Management and the session was conducted by Mr. Arun Thapa, the Technical Manager of Spiralogics International. The purpose of this workshop was to provide students with a roadmap for their career. This program covered topics such as:

  1. What to choose for your career?
  2. How to choose the career?  
  3. How to adapt to your work?  
  4. And about the company’s expectation.

The program highlighted on “Coding is everything, but just coding is not everything”. It was an interactive session where Mr. Arun addressed concerns and questions of the students. We would like to thank Hetauda School of Management and Mr. Niraj Shrestha, Assistant Coordinator for offering this opportunity to us. Spiralogics plans to conduct similar programs in more colleges. Our goal is to reach and empower more youths in the coming year.