Ten Teams Shortlisted for Spirathon

Spiralogics is hosting Spirathon – #CodeForSociety on the 18th and 19th of November, 2017. Out of the 122 who registered, 10 teams have been selected to compete in the main event.  The teams were selected by the Team Leads of Spiralogics. The team was selected based on their idea and submission video.  

Spirathon will take place over two days where the 10 teams will be building a prototype application based on a social cause theme – a technology that aims to better the lives of the community around us. The team includes members from different IT colleges as well as freelancers. Each team will be given a mentor to guide them during the two days. They will not be teaching them how to code but will advise on any issues they may have. Mentors include programmers and software engineers from well-known IT companies such as Yomari and SPI.

Top Ten Teams

  1. Team Name: RSR

Project Name: Mental health

Description: Mental health awareness and online psychotherapy sessions.

Team Members: Ranjan Bir Bajracharya, Sushant Shrestha and Raj Prasad Shrestha


2. Team Name: Meta-Node

Project Name: Federal Governance Guide: Nepal

Description: Information about how and where to get different government services in federal system.

Team Members: Manoj Bhatt, Anima Acharya and Ajay Dhami


3. Team Name: SickLab

Project Name: Disease reporting

Description: App that lets people know about diseases spreading around or near them.

Team Members: Sirjan Sharma, Sagar Acharya and Shreyam Adhikari


4. Team Name: Team one

Project Name: Help Notification System

Description: Posting help notices, sharing expert information and anonymous crime reporting.

Team Members: Prashan Bajracharya, Pradip Shrestha and Puskar Shrestha


5. Team Name: CoreInside

Project Name: PAYsolve

Description: Platform for unemployed but skilled people to find jobs from people who need certain services.

Team Members: Bibek Chaudhary and Sanjeeb Sapkota


6. Team Name: NEPEX

Project Name: Bhandar

Description: Allow people to give any products for free to non-profit organizations or sell it online.

Team Members: Akshay Kumar Gurung, Mayank Kumar Gurung and Suman Koirala


7. Team Name: Curious Hat

Project Name: hamroAwaaj

Description: Platform to share and report criminal activities.

Team Members: Sujan Basnet, Habin Bhandari and Sangharsa Rai


8. Team Name: Aarakshya

Project Name: MeriSaathi

Description: A comprehensive mobile app for women safety.

Team Members: Alina Devkota, Spandan Pyakurel and Saloni Sikha


9. Team Name: Nepal Tech Solutions

Project Name: Blood Donation Management System

Description: To build a bridge between patient and donor.

Team Members: Asha Gaire, Suman Paudyal  and Nanda Bhattarai


10. Team Name: The Golden Globes

Project Name: BCPA (Breast Cancer Preventive App)

Description: Spread awareness about breast cancer and give proper preventive measures.

Team Members: Jes Pratap Shakya, Nikita Khadka and Rujan Shakya


The online registration was opened in September where we first announced the event of this kind on our website and social media accounts. To recognise the efforts each team has put in making their submission video, the company plans to give a ‘Viewer’s Choice Award’ to the team whose video gets the most number of likes and shares on Facebook. The videos have been uploaded to SIT’s official Facebook page. We will be counting the votes on November 17.

We would like to wish all the participants best of luck for the main event.